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From 1 hour to lifestyle challenges


Tai chi and Qigong are one of the most underestimated tools for staying healthy, building resistance and understanding and feeling how our bodies function and move.  There are so many benefits that tai chi and qigong can offer you and your firm.  Everything from better posture to ways of interacting.


These ancient arts can challenge us physically, mentally, and philosophically.   They can create a base for endurance and doing things efficiently.  They can offer solutions for keeping safe from injuries to dealing with dangerous situations.  They offer real solutions rather than short term relief.


Pick the focus you would like.  Have fun, relax, breathe, and focus





Top Reasons to Choose Tai Chi Well

Strong foundation

Over 35

Years of Experience


Relax body and mind


Rose has extensive experience in creating change in individuals and groups. Rose has an M.A. in psychology, a Graduate Certificate in career counselling, and a background in community development.


Rose has over 35 years of experience in teaching tai chi and qigong forms.    She was one of the first Tai Chi teachers to be employed by ACC and was part of their training program for other teachers.

Over the years Rose has studied many tai chi forms and varieties of qigong. Lately, she has found a school that she would like to be part of...Energy Arts. She has been studying at this school because of the excellent teaching style and because she believes that Bruce Frantzis's reputation as one of the foremost experts on Wu and Yang style tai chi is well deserved.


Rose has always been interested in the body and mind connections. To be able to optimise our time at work and be mindful of what we focusing on and move with grace in our lives.







To find out how Rose could meet your specific needs contact or phone 0274388364