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Tai chi is described as the 'grand ultimate' creating a sense of ease and flow that can be brought into your everyday life.  It is also described as an 'elixir of youth' because of the many health benefits and 'meditation in motion' acknowledging the positive effects for mental wellbeing.   Enjoy


Total Body Integration


Prevent Falls


Improve Breathing Quality


Prevent Injuries with Better Alignment


Being aware of your limits


Circulating Kindness


Deep relaxation and healing

  COVID 19



We will be open under orange with 2-meter spacing between people.  Please wear masks when entering and leaving if you don't have an exemption.


Tai chi is good for immunity.  There have been studies with viruses like shingles showing a quicker recovery. Traditionally it is used for a variety of ailments including TB and cancer.   It does not reduce immunity like exercise that places the body under stress.  Use lifestyle to help lower the risk of the health services being overwhelmed.


Tai chi is not highly aerobic (even though it improves lung capacity) making it safer than many other exercise classes in terms of catching covid.   Airflow is also taken into consideration.


Vaccine Passports will be required 


Class sizes are limited to 10 for beginners.   One koha class on Wednesday 9th February  7.30 pm at Papanui (corner Chapel St and Harewood Rd). Free session on the social page.  Since I only have 10 spaces they will go to people enrolling for the term.


Keep Healthy and Safe.   Improve your immunity now.




Tai Chi and Qigong classes are ongoing with a break over Xmas.   Click the circles below to take you to the class information. There is another page with general information and Testimonials here 



Monday 11.15 experienced 

12.30 beginners

Wednesday 12.30 mixed

Thursday 9.30 experienced

Thursday 10.45 beginners


Tuesday 9.30 experienced

Tuesday 11am beginners



Wednesday 7.30 pm

at Papanui

Online classes on hold  for level 1 and 2 alert levels


Tai chi at the beach,

picnics, lunches and fun stuff

Create energy and balance to naturally support your life


Tai chi can be targeted towards your vulnerabilities and modified for you, by you, to meet your needs.  Learning Tai chi is like learning to drive a can take time to get all the pieces to fall into place but once you have these better habits they can go into automatic. Relax and Breathe.  Work from your own place of power.


"Tai chi has many layers to piece together.  It is like an apple computer, simple and elegant on the outside while having complex systems below the surface"   Bruce Frantzis

Transform, Reduce pain, exercise prescription, acupressure and massage

Qigong, Tai chi, Staying Safe, mindfulness or to meet your needs

  Videos on tai chi, qigong and theory


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