Enjoy the great outdoors



Sue's Garden   Wednesday 12th January  10am

                          4 Redfern Lane  Swannanoa  (off NO10 Road)

                          Please bring a plate 


Pegasus Beach (Tiritiri Moana Drive, Canterbury 7691) Flat access to the beach from the second car park with the toilets.


Saturday  22 January  at   8 am 


Saturday   12 February  at 8 am


Saturday  26th February  at   8 am


Saturday  12th March   at   8 am


Saturday  26th March  at   8 am


I'll see what the weather looks like for April before deciding on more outdoor dates   If the event is cancelled I will post here or you can text 0274388364

Carpooling from my house (23 Uxbridge St)  half an hour earlier



Kaiapoi experienced  class goes for coffee at the end of each month


Rangiora April 26th at FOD


Kaiapoi  April 28th at Le Soleil 

Papanui Monday April 11th  Columbus 12.30

Wednesday April  27th at Colombus 1.30ish