Qi Flow

Wednesday  7.30  pm

Term starting 23rd February


Flow of energy is one of the bases for Chinese Medicine.  Qigong has been part of this tradition for thousands of years.  


Opening the energy gates to your body creates a good foundation for listening deeply to where the energy is too strong, tense, or contracted.  It can create a strong foundation for improving posture 


The dragon and tiger medical qigong trace energy channels in the body. It teaches relaxation for faster movements.   It has a dance-like fun quality,  a feeling of moving energy like massage and letting go of tension


Taoist breathing offers the opportunity to massage the organs,  have more oxygen in the system, relax the mind more deeply by staying in the flow.


This class is a bit of a mix of different qigong styles depending on the needs of the participants


The class is up to ten people allowing for individual attention.   Improve your immune system now.




Chapel St Centre

Corner of Harewood Road and  Chapel St


Entry off carpark at the back.  2nd door on the right.






$80 ( $10 per class) for a 8-week term  



 This class will be limited to 10 so enrolments are essential.   No casual enrolments

Koha class on the 9th February for those who would like to check the class out.


$140 open pass


See the social page for free classes. Casual children can come free.  


If you miss a class you can make it up somewhere else (Rangiora or Kaiapoi).



Payments can be made in the class or through online banking  12 3236 0066683 000  

Please reference with day and time of the class when paying online (eg Tues 1 pm)