Flow & Fix

Wednesday  7.30  pm

Term starting 28th July


Flow and fix offers powerful tools for self-healing.  


Opening the energy gates to your body can create a good foundation for listening deeply to where the energy is too strong, tension or contracted 


The dragon and tiger medical qigong traces energy channels in the body.  It has many of the benefits of more complicated qigong practices.


Taoist breathing offers the opportunity to massage the organs,  have more oxygen in the system, relax the mind more deeply by staying in the flow.


Guided healing session combined with sinking qi down.




Chapel St Centre

Corner of Harewood Road and  Chapel St





First Class  .....$10 which can come off the term fees

Casual  $14  


$120  for a 12-week term


$140 for open access.


Please see the social page for free events.   


Payments can be made in the class or through online banking  12 3236 0066683 000  

Please reference with day and time of the class when paying online (eg Tues 1 pm)