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Tai Chi and Qigong exercises create balance and strength by relaxing and being aware of natural movement.   There is a saying "do the non-doing'  which doesn't mean to do nothing, it means to do what you are doing with the least amount of effort.  For example, being efficient and focused is better than being injured and exhausted.


Tai Chi is for Everyone

Tai Chi is for everyone wanting to move well through life. Create good habits while young to support you through your life  Everyone can set their own goals and work forward.  Exercises are in sitting, standing, and moving forms. This is great for everyone as it allows for the practice of components and then integration.


Both Men and Women have practised Tai chi and Qigong through the ages. Everyone can do with being more relaxed and gentle. Everyone needs to optimise their well-being.



Online Classes 

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What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes (Shoes that don't tip you forward when on your toes).   Please remember to turn off the cellphone



Tai chi has many benefits. Goals like improving balance usually happen quickly.  You can focus on your individual goals within Tai chi and Qigong.  Both are used as a branch of Chinese medicine and like physiotherapy in Asia.  if you would like a more personal approach come to a  1 to 1 or small group.

Beginners Classes


Tai Chi, Qigong, and Qi Flow classes are ongoing throughout the year with a break at New Year.  Class sizes are limited to 15 so preference is given to those who enrol for the term.  I have casual options for people to try the classes and see how they feel if space is available.  You are welcome to join during the term if there is space.  

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Monday 12.30 beginners

 Wednesday 12.30 

Wednesday 7.30 pm

Thursday 10.45 

Tuesday 11 am




When I was in my twenties I had a brain injury from being in a car accident. This affected my balance and co-ordination creating some real difficulties in being able to walk. I have found Tai Chi and Qigong just fabulous for increasing and maintaining my ability to move. Rose is very knowledgeable and I am impressed by the subtleties of the forms that we learn. I practice every day.          Trish DeHaan


I started learning Tai Chi after having a hip replacement and it has been so helpful in dealing with pain and getting back on my feet faster. I always feel really relaxed after going to Tai Chi.  To me, it feels more relaxing than having a massage         Joy S


I have been learning Tai Chi for over ten years.  I'm willing to cross town to come to Rose's classes as she is a very knowledgeable teacher.  Hamilton


I'm not falling over as much anymore.  And when I have, I haven't broken my arm.   Adrienne


My breathing and arthritis have improved so much since I've taken up Tai chi   Mark


I wasn't very confident about co-ordinating the moves....I've just kept going and now I find I can do it   Mary


I found that I haven't needed to go to the chiropractor as my posture has improved and I no longer hurt myself, Diane Martell


I am now sold on Tai Chi when I found out how good it's been for controlling my blood pressure  Brett


I had been doing online qigong over lockdown and enjoying that.  Coming to class has a different level of depth and feel. Wendy


Some commonly asked questions


Do you modify Tai Chi?

If you learn a simple version of tai chi then this is all you will learn.  It can be like watching a movie of a book, there can be important details missing.    Skills that are important are left out. I hope that you modify the forms to meet your needs and stay within the 70% rule. 


Is Tai Chi hard to learn?

It can be like learning to read, you need to build on the basics before writing a masterpiece. Usually, you need to be exposed to an idea and then integrate it.   Changing our habits can vary in the amount of time it takes to change. Practicing simpler movements allows for the time to focus on these habits.   Usually, we wear out certain parts of our body faster than others.  A doctor will call this old age while I may ask why hasn't the rest of you worn out too?   It is a good idea to focus on your goals.  We are all a work in progress so it is okay to not be perfect and there is always the next time.  


I tried to learn Tai chi before and felt overwhelmed.

You may fell overwhelmed because there is a lot of forms to learn.   In this situation just follow along and relax.  You may also feel overwhelmed because ther are too many details.  I suggest you just focus on one thing and get that.  Pick the details off one by one.  The details are there to add to how you are doing your tai chi not to take away from the experience



Is Tai chi a martial art?

Tai chi can be practiced in different ways depending on whether you are focusing on health, meditation, or self-defense.   Usually, we don't need to defend ourselves so I focus less on this aspect.  However, they are not separate from each other either. For example, if you don't have balance then you will be in trouble in self-defense.  Most people may not be relaxed unless they feel safe.  We all need to learn to relax in more stressful situations.   The ideal scenario is reacting in a way that is appropriate to the situation you are in.......the many layers of tai chi need to be in the subconscious level so that there is reacting without thinking.   Another consideration is calming a situation down.


Is Tai chi and Qigong really that good for our health

Tai chi and qigong have a five thousand year history and there have been billions of people who have benefitted from these practices.     In many modern forms of exercise, there is often little consideration for tension in the body or startle responses unless you move to the more elite levels.  We are not training ourselves in the ideal ways.  Yet people like Joe Dispenza point out that we can be our own placebo.  If a small pill can influence us so much then the mind can create great healing.  Tai chi is often used as physiotherapy in China and there are lots of different approaches to using both tai chi and qigong for health.   I like to present different approaches and you see what resonates with you.  


Does Tai chi have a spiritual base? 

Many people from a lot of different backgrounds and traditions practice tai chi and qigong.   My intention as a teacher is that you become a better person through being able to keep your physical self well throughout your life,  dissolve both physical and emotional tensions and connect.



Please feel free to ask questions.




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