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The Grand Ultimate


Tai chi has been called the grand ultimate with so many different elements combined into the same exercise.  Being able to separate the different aspects of tai chi out like breathing can help with being able to add depth to your practice.   Using classical tai chi footwork is more natural and creates good habits about moving the feet first.  Many people ask about modified tai chi.   Feel empowered by the modifications that you make that are in line with your abilities and understanding now. Modification can also be made in line with your health goals.   Enjoy the challenges involved in coordinating the movements

Gain the advantages in different tai chi styles,  tune into your energy blocks to be able to dissolve these. Enjoy the timelessness of this meditation in motion.  

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About Rose

Rose fell in love with Tai chi's grace and flow over 35 years ago. Working in a hospital setting, at a young age she was interested in who aged well and was impressed by tai chi being an "elixir of youth".


Over the years Rose has studied many tai chi forms and varieties of qigong.  She has studied simple versions and complex classic styles and extracts what works for improving the way we move every day and the way we use our hearts and brains to connect to ourselves and others. After many years of being like a tai chi orphan,  Rose has been studying through the tao space and feels connected to the depth of teaching and the styles of qigong.


Rose has always sort the best of teachers and is appreciative of the depth of experience that they all have. These teachers have brought many things from how to convey tai chi in the simplest ways to how to move through life. Her other interests include systema which is a Russian soft martial art looking at the essentials of self defence in a relaxed and efficient way.



Rose has an M.A. in psychology and loves that science is creating a greater understanding of these ancient practices. Rose has represented New Zealand in taichi and push-hands as well as appearing in books on classic tai chi (Traditional Yang Style Tai Qi Quan: A detailed explanation in Chinese and English by Tang Yu-Shiun).

Rose's interest in health and wellbeing extends beyond Tai Chi.  


Rose's personal experiences have included looking after elderly parents and unwell children.  Her personal journey has included challenges like chronic fatigue.  It is not much of a life when you sleep all day.   This was also a time when she needed to deal more intensely with her own personal demons.  Chronic fatigue can also be a difficult thing to shift and there is little help from the medical system.  Moving into working as an intuitive came from this.  There are too many well-advertised things offering help to people while many people seem to be getting fatter and sicker.  Rose sort ways to get to the bottom of what would work for her. When we lose touch with our gut feelings then this creates an opportunity for exploitation.  


Although some people choose qigong as the only way to improve health,  Rose chooses to work in a holistic way. Eat2bwell is about optimizing the fuel that we use, taichi well is like the tune-up while Wellbeams is about fixing things that that are more difficult to shift.   


Rose began teaching Tai Chi over 30 years ago. She has taught full-time and was one of the first teachers employed by the ACC falls prevention program. Rose has seen some fabulous results over the years, people moving out of wheelchairs to significantly improving their arthritis, improving backs, feeling calmer to name a few. Rose has taught tai chi teachers, in work environments, children, one-to-one, in retirement villagers including at the hospital level, and with dementia patients. Rose is dedicated to passing on the benefits of this ancient art.