Tai chi well

  Move well   


  Play well   


  Be well   


Tai chi is described as the 'grand ultimate' creating a sense of ease and flow that can be brought into your everyday life and other activities.  It is also described as an 'elixir of youth' because of its many health benefits and 'meditation in motion' acknowledging the positive effects for mental wellbeing.   Enjoy


Better posture and flexibility

Breathing Well

Greater strength and endurance

Better balance

Deep relaxation and healing



Tai Chi and Qigong classes are ongoing with a break over Xmas.   Click the links below to take you to the class information and there is also another page with general information and Testimonials here 



Monday 11.15 experienced 

12.30 beginners

Wednesday 12.30 mixed


Wednesday 7.30 pm

at Papanui

 Gain confidence, improve forms, qigong prescriptions, massage


Thursday 9.30 experienced

Thursday 10.45 beginners


Relax in Nature Retreat

11-14th March

Qigong, Tai chi, Staying Safe, mindfulness or to meet your needs

Tuesday 9.30 and 10.45 experienced

Tuesday 1pm beginners


Tai chi at the beach,

picnics, lunches and fun stuff

Keep practising.  Videos on tai chi, qigong and theory


Create energy and balance to naturally support your life


Tai chi can be targeted towards your vulnerabilities and modified for you, by you, to meet your needs..


 Relax and Breathe.  Work from your own place of power.

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