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Have fun, relax, breathe and focus.  What a great way to spend some time with your workmates.  There are so many benefits that tai chi and qigong can offer you.  Everything from better posture  to ways of interacting....

These ancient arts can challenge physically, mentally and philosophically as we intergrate peace and tranquility into our being.   They can create a base of endurance and strength to expand the mind and be able to come up with more creative solutions.


Why not combine this with a lifestyle challenge?   Pick the goals or choose a whole food plant based challenge and see the results. 




Top Reasons to Choose Tai Chi Well

Over 35

Years of Experience

Create a strong foundation


Deep Relaxation



Rose has extensive experience in creating change in individuals and groups.  She has over 35 years of experience with a variety of tai chi and qigong forms,    She was one of the first tai chi teachers to be employed by ACC and has been part of their training program for other teachers.

Over the years Rose has studied many tai chi forms and varieties of qigong. Her style is eclectic and fits with the group that she is teaching. She has studied simple versions to the classic styles and extracts what works for improving the way we move every day and the way we use our hearts and brains to connect to ourselves and others. 

Rose has worked in community development, taught psychology labs at university,  trained counsellors. She has always been interested in the body and mind connections.  

Rose has an M.A. in psychology, Graduate certificate in career counseling and has studied nutrition through T Colin Campbell Centre at Cornell University.  She does individual energy healing sessions  (wellbeams.com) and offers individualized nutrition plans (renewmefood.com).  She would describe herself as holistic in her approach to creating wellbeing



One of Rose's interests is in maintaining a relaxed approach and mindfulness in challenging as well as less challenging times.


To find out how Rose could meet your specific needs contact rose@taichiwell.co.nz