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The workshop program for 2020 is looking very exciting.   It will include 3-hour workshops on the weekend by the beach once a month,  a long weekend in Hamner in April, Maybe a week overseas......

These longer workshops are an opportunity to combine  Qigong with some of the energy medicine practices I have been doing for individuals.   It is a way to make these sessions more affordable than seeing me on a one to one basis.  They will work like a guided meditation or yoga nidra but instead of being a particular formula where the focus is on covering the whole body,  the energies shifted will involve those associated with the mind body and spirit and will be focused on energies for the group.   The overall intention of what you would like to change can be physical, mental or spiritual... I can make recommendations  Or we can have a group intention like immunity   

Wellbeams energy medicine is like a computer using a light beam (the third eye) to focus on the energies that need to be cleared.   Wellbeams is inspired by the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson who uses kinesiology or muscle testing to determine blocked energies and emotions that are at the base of body and mind patterns,  The light beam is a quick way to determine the shifts in energy, giving more options to be specific.  Like visualizing more clearly can be helpful for healing,   the light inspired focus can clear the subconscious of our baggage by being more in tune.  This will be for 1 hour of the 3-hour workshops

The qigong exercises may range from the more vigorous like 5 animals through to a focus on clearing the central meridians (the governing and conception vessels) through rolling the spine or the microcosmic orbit.   More general alignment work will be working with chi balls or silk reeling. the   


This fusion of the traditional and the modern will create an environment to bring us into the now,  celebrate our consciousness through movement and create a natural healing environment.


Workshop date    21 March  10-1

North New Brighton Community Centre

$50  ($40 for community service cardholders)  till the 12th March

$60 ($50 for community service cardholders) after the 12th March