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Qi Gong and Tai Chi


One of the many qualities of qigong and tai chi is the ability to help with healing the body and the mind.  This can be an integration of breath with movement and creating space for healing to occur. Being aware of where energy blocks and moving into the space of energy and healing.






Come to class without even leaving your home

See movements more clearly

Hear more easily

Practise more and Get more benefits

Scheduled Zoom meeting


9.30am on Fridays when Happening  (please put yourself on the list of people who would like to come)



no password  

ink for

friday morning till December





You need to create a zoom account which is free and takes about 10 minutes.   The class goes for an hour and you can join for the hour on the free account.   Please inform me if you intend coming.....I sometimes take the Friday off so I would like a list to contact easily. 

Normal class fees or counting as a second class.

If you would like something shorter or at a flexible time check out my videos on the resource page


This can count as a second class or a makeup class




First class  .....$10 which can come off the term fees

Casual  $12  (for beginners for first 2 terms) and $10 casually ongoing or if you have health concerns.


$90  ( $7.50 per class for beginners for first 2 terms) for a 12-week term


$84 experienced ($7) for a 12-week class on the 13th and 15th July

         so taking 2 weeks payment off if you paid me for last term 

If you miss a class you can make it up somewhere else (Kaiapoi or Papanui).


$120 for twice a week ($5) or how often you would like. Includes online classes


Sorry I have no free trials. Casual children can come free.   I prefer to charge less for those who come the most.


Payments can be made in the class or through online banking  12 3236 0066683 000  

Please reference with day and time of the class when paying online (eg Tues 1 pm)


Suggestions to help create a great space and good energy for everyone:


Find a large space, a large screen or a place where you will feel relaxed and peaceful for doing your Tai Chi and Qigong 

When you come into the classes, the video and audio should be turned on.  if not the controls are on the bottom left-hand corner.    You can come in and chat if you like.  for the beginning and end of the session, I will leave everyone microphones and video on so that we can interact.  Please give feedback about the experience and whether it is working for you.  


During the standing exercises and Tai chi, I will turn off the microphones and lock the video in my direction.  If you have a question or suggestion during this time, you can type a message in the chat which should pop up and there is also a hands-up sign that can be used.


Most of the time we have had a really good reception and everything has run smoothly.   I hope that you all have a great experience so feedback is welcome.  

Easy Tai chi


This is an example of the style I teach to beginners.....Usaully in class this moves forward.  This can be a great version for a small space.   More video's will appear to help with daily practise

Want to know more? Have questions?