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Hanmer 11th-14th March 2021




Relax  Move with the Flow   Feel the Vibe   Breathe


Relax in beauty


You are welcome to join the Retreat with the combination of Tai Chi and aligning pampering Treatments to boost your wellbeing at this special time in the beautiful surroundings of the Hanmer Mountains.



The retreat will begin on Thursday afternoon.


The schedule for classes is 

Thursday 19th   4.30-6.30  

Friday 20th  9.30 -12.30 and 5.30-6.30

Saturday 21st  9.30-12.30 and 5.30-630

Sunday  22  9.30-12.30


Weather permitting, there will also be tai chi at sunrise and sunset,  Chi walking, a half hour pampering session plus a pool pass included in the package.  


The qigong focus will be on dragon and tiger qigong.  The tai chi focus will be on sun style tai chi though the sunrise and sunset practises will also include Chen and Yang styles.   There will also be a relaxation session where you may choose to lie down.  if choosing to lie down, please bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion 


The Half hour of pampering can include massage, a private lesson, amatsu  )pressure points for balance), top things to improve your wellbeing





Access to accomodation is from 2pm at the top 10 motorcamp.   The pricing for the accomadation is for single beds in a shared room.  The appartments are luxurious and modern.   Please ask if you would like another option.








Early bird  $600  before the the 10th February

 ($200 deposit by this date)

$650 if enrolling after this date


This includes the whole package - classes, half hour pampering,  pool pass, food and accomodation.  


There have been a number of enquires about doing part of the workshop or staying with relatives.  I am happy to price accordingly.


Full refund if cancelled




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Eat Well


To allow for the experience of wholefood ,  50% of the food offered will be created without refined ingredients like oil and white sugar.  Salt will also be limited.


Please be aware that even eating like this for a short time can alter the need for blood pressure medication and diabetic meds so you will need to monitor this carefully.   


The other half of the food will be vegetarian/vegan giving choice about what to eat.


Food and drink will be provided from Thursday afternoon till Sunday  (breakfast and morning tea on Sunday).


Saturday night dinner is complimentary and will only be whole food.  the is an option of going out to dinner at a restaurant.


Click here to listen to a video on the importance of nutrition




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