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Move Well Through Life


Tai Chi and Qigong exercises create balance and strength by relaxing and being aware of natural movement.


Tai Chi is for everyone

Tai Chi is for everyone wanting to move well through life by creating good habits.  Everyone can set their own goals and work forward.  Exercises are in sitting, standing and moving forms.  if you would like to be in the more advanced classes please ask about available spaces


Both women and men are welcome


Online Classes 

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What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes (Shoes that don't tip you forward when on your toes).   Please remember to turn off the cellphone



Tai chi has many benefits. Sometimes we can be aware of these immediately and others are more long term.   I have casual options for people to try the classes and see how they feel. This may be important if you are experiencing pain  I suggest that you come three times at least if confidence is the issue.  Sorry, I do not have a free trial class....instead, the more you come the cheaper it gets.



Tai Chi, Qigong, and Zen Yoga classes are ongoing.   The classes listed below are for beginners.  

Monday 12.30 beginners

 Wednesday 12.30 

Tuesday 1 pm


Thursday 10.45 

Wednesday7.30 pm



When I was in my twenties I had a brain injury from being in a car accident. This affected my balance and co-ordination creating some real difficulties in being able to walk. I have found Tai Chi and Qigong just fabulous for increasing and maintaining my ability to move. Rose is very knowledgeable and I am impressed by the subtlities of the forms that we learn. I practise everyday.          Trish DeHaan


I started learning Tai Chi after having a hip replacement and it has been so helpful in dealing with pain and getting back on my feet faster . I always feel really relaxed after going to Tai Chi.  To me it feels more relaxing than having a massage         Joy S


I have been learning Tai Chi for over ten years.  I'm willing to cross town to come to Rose's classes as she is a very knowledgeable teacher.  Hamilton


I 'm not falling over as much anymore.  And when i have, i haven't broken my arm.   Adrienne


My breathing and arthritis have improved so much since I've taken up Tai chi   Mark


I wan't very confident about co-ordinating the moves....I've just kept going and now i find I can do it   Mary


I found that I haven't needed to go to the chiropracter as my posture has improved and I no longer hurt myself  Diane Martell


I am now sold on Tai Chi when i found out how good it's been for controlling my blood pressure  Brett


I love the way Tai chi feels  Nora   









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