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Optimize your wellbeing in private sessions 



Tailor tai chi and qigong to your health needs. Personal sessions are a great way to improve your tai chi and qigong.

Short sessions or day-long sessions are available for one or two people.


Reasons, why you would want a one-on-one session:


You are not confident about coming to a class. 

You would like to get an assessment - What exercises will work for you?

You have specific issues with posture, pain, or your health

You have low energy levels or want to improve your life.

You have specific questions

Tai chi and qigong are considered a branch of Chinese medicine 

One of the main premises of Chinese medicine is to dissolve energy blocks, to release tension, and let the energy flow.  Doing this yourself can help save money and create a better way of being for you.  Sometimes we are not aware of where our posture is out,  what we could be doing better, and continue with the same old patterns. Qi gong teachers give out prescriptions just like the other branches of Chinese medicine


One-to-one lessons to refine your movements, posture, and breathing.

If you have practiced Tai Chi or Qigong for a while, it is great to get personal feedback. Even if you attend classes, Rose can give you an assessment to help refine your personal practice.

In this regard, a private session will enhance personal development tremendously.  Rose has over 35 years of experience in tai chi and qigong.  With an experienced teacher, you may learn in months what would take years with a less experienced teacher.  She has an  M.A. in psychology and a particular interest in optimizing mental wellbeing. Working individually will bring you quickly to the results you are looking for.


Rose can also combine other therapies into these sessions.....Amatsu which is pressure point therapy for balance and massage where she has studied shiatsu and other massage techniques.


$90 for the first session or a Special package of 5 lessons for $300 





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