Tai chi well




Enjoy the great outdoors with these Summer Sessions



Tuesday  12th January at Sue's place 9.30   4 Redfern Lane, Swannanoa 7476    

Sue has a beautiful garden that she has invited us all to enjoy

Thursday 14th January 6 pm at the Botanic Gardens meeting at the bridge by the car park

Monday 8th February 8 am at Waikuku beach 


Please bring some food to share after doing some Tai chi and qigong

Raincheck to the next day

Carpooling from my place  8.45 Tuesday and 5.30 Thursday  or to be arranged if transport needed


Kaiapoi experienced  class goes for coffee at the end of the month


Rangiora 13 April   12 at FOD

Kaiapoi  22 April at ???

Papanui  Monday 19th  in the middle and moving beginners class time back  so 12.25 at Columbus

Papanui  Wednesday 14th April after class