Tai chi well



Next Term starts Tuesday 21st July

Classes 9.30 (full) 10.45 is taking beginners


Venue    Scout Hall

30 Church St   Rangiora




$10 First class which can come off term fees

Casual  $12  (for beginners for first 2 terms) and $10 casually ongoing or if you have health concerns.


$90  ( $7.50 per class for beginners for first 2 terms) for a 12-week term


$84 experienced ($7) for a 12-week class on the 14 July

         so taking 2 weeks payment off if you paid me for last term ($70)

If you miss a class you can make it up somewhere else (Kaiapoi or Papanui).


$120 for twice a week ($5) or how often you would like. Includes online classes


Sorry I have no free trials. Casual children can come free.   I prefer to charge less for those who come the most.


Payments can be made in the class or through online banking  12 3236 0066683 000  

Please reference with day and time of the class when paying online (eg Tues 1 pm)

Online Classes


Can be an extra class per week


For more info please go to the online class page