Tai chi well






11.15  experienced

12.30 beginners - starts in February 



12.30  mixed

7.30  pm Zen yoga and Qigong    More details here





Chapel St Center

Corner of Chapel St and Harewood Rd

Plenty of parking  at the back on Chapel St

Come through the entrance off the carpark and it is the second door on the right.





First class  .....$10 which can come off the term fees

Casual  $12  (for beginners for first 2 terms) and $10 casually ongoing or if you have health concerns.


$90  beginners( $7.50 per class for beginners for first 2 terms) for a 12-week term  on Wednesday.

$75.00 for a ten-week term on Monday because of Waitangi Day and Easter 


$84 experienced ($7) for a 12-week term. and $70 for the Monday which is a 10-week term because of Waitangi Day and Easter


If you miss a class you can make it up somewhere else or on another day.


$120 open pass to any class


Sorry I have no free trials. Casual children can come free.   I prefer to charge less for those who come the most.


Payments can be made in the class or through online banking  12 3236 0066683 000  

Please reference with day and time of the class when paying online (eg Tues 1 pm)